Monday, July 11, 2016

Mandatory for Domination

There are certain things that individual members of the White Race must do as a team in order to maintain domination over THEIR black victims.

-Modify the memory/mental capacity of their victims
-Manipulate/Confuse information accessed by or provided to their victims
-Deceive/Cover up the extent of damage being done to their victims

Originally posted January 2013, edited 7/11/2016.

The Racial Dot Map

A member of the only Race mentioned this website (The Racial Dot Map), he said it is informative. After checking it out....I agree.

I used to think Santa Claus was real. I used to think WWF wrestling was real. At one point in time before I gave the subject of "race" any serious thought for the purpose learning how to end the System of White Supremacy, I went with the notion that individuals classified as "black persons" are members of a race; so-called "The Black Race".
Notes on Race:
If you cannot practice Racism, then why would you say you are a member of a Race?

In July 2016, saying anything that suggests a black individual is a member of a Race sounds like a mental cushion from the truth, which is that all black individuals are victims of Race.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Behavior Called Swine

S.W.I.N.E. - Specific White Invitation/Interaction/Interruption/Interference/Incursion/Invasion at a Nonwhite person's Expense

Swine happens all the time.

Swine happens when one or more individuals, who classify themselves as "White" and/or are accepted as "White", achieves at gaining the attention of a nonwhite person(s) for specific harmful purposes. 

I suspect that individual White persons who utilize Swine attempt to get the attention, meaning occupy the "brain-space" of their victims. I suspect Whites Swine in order to use (in a harmful manner) the time and/or energy of the nonwhite persons targeted, while at the same time gratify themselves.

Individual White persons - must cause nonwhites to use their time and energy (in a harmful manner) to be able to - maintain the System of White Supremacy.

Considering all the "brain-space" you have available in your mind to think/operate with, the focus should be to minimize the amount of "brain-space" being used in a harmful or non-constructive manner.

In order to defend your "brain-space", the counter behavior or counter measure to Swine is to (attempt to) not let them Swine you. In other words, you should attempt to display that you are entirely not cognizant of them. Remember, they are trying to get your attention and you don't what to give them what they want. You should be attempting to get what you want - which you may just want to not be bothered by them. Once you get good at it, it's like they are present, but not really there, until you would like them to be.

Here's an example for when you are minding your business and don't want to be bothered by them: When you are in the presence of one or more Whites, you should expect a Swine attempt. When you hear or see them, just remain focused on what you were saying or doing before you even noticed them. However, it is best to be aware of what they are saying and doing, but just don't reveal to them that you are aware of them in any noticeable way.

Besides face-to-face contact, other avenues used to Swine are: The telephone, television, mail, e-mail, billboards, etc. Any method of getting your attention could be used in a Swine attempt. If able, Whites may even use another nonwhite person(s) to participate in the attempt to Swine you.

Sometimes interactions with Whites can produce constructive results. A constructive result could be to get a question answered, acquire resources, or solving a general problem.

In order to replace the System of White Supremacy with Justice, individual nonwhite persons need to achieve constructive results from encounters.

A key to countering Swine is being able to know ahead of time what is of constructive value to you. The better you understand what is of constructive value to you ahead of time, then the better you will be at handling an encounter real-time. That way it will be easier for you, at the onset of the encounter, to determine the likelihood of achieving a constructive result from the encounter. When you know what you want ahead of time then it is easier to avoid having your time and energy wasted with non-constructive activity (which is essentially what Swine is) - this is key in order to consistently avoid being Swined.

The better you understand your goals, then the easier it will be for you to avoid being Swined.

Some Questions and Answers:

Are you saying Swine is done intentionally?

No, I am not saying Swine is being done unintentionally or intentionally. I'm just saying that it is happening. Most importantly, whether intentional or unintentional, the result is the same which is nonwhites being mistreated.

Since Whites are Swining, it doesn't matter if Whites are consciously/unconsciously Swining or intentionally/unintentionally Swining, due to the result is the same.

Why is Swine so important to the System of White Supremacy?

In order to keep the System of White Supremacy ongoing for as long as it has (centuries), individuals who classify themselves as White have to behave in a manner that results in the System of White Supremacy being maintained. Swine serves the purpose of helping to maintain White Supremacy, because it causes the target (nonwhites) to use their time and/or energy in a manner that is not constructive.

Can Swine be completely stopped while the System of White Supremacy still exists?

No, Swine cannot be completely stopped, only minimized, while the System of White Supremacy exists. As long as Whites have the ability/power to be in position to make the major decisions that most effect nonwhites, then Whites will have the ability to make Swine attempts. The benefit of minimizing Swine, results in a strengthening of nonwhites by strengthening the focus of nonwhites, while at the same time nullifying a strategy of Whites. I suspect that in order to replace the System of White Supremacy with Justice, Swine does not need to be entirely annihilated worldwide, only minimized.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ideas, Base-Ideas, and Systems

I found it very helpful to write things down when I began to seriously attempt to understand exactly how White Supremacy/Racism works. So at a point in time when I used to write more often in order to help myself to better understand the world, particularly how people function in relation to each another, I penned something I titled Ideas, Base-Ideas, and Systems: How Systems Are Produced.

I still write things down for the primary purpose of sharpening my understanding so I can do better at solving my problems.

However, some things I say and write seem to make sense to other non-white people and be useful for them, as well. The link below should access the paper; which could also correctly be titled Ideas, Base-Ideas, and Systems: How Systems Are Produced and Why White = White Supremacist/Racist.

Ideas, Base-Ideas, and Systems: How Systems Are Produced

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Efficient Counter-Racism

I meant to post this write up during the Summer of 2012. I'm posting it now because I think it would be constructive if people could figure out a way to deconfuse black people who are most confused. I have concluded that more black people are needed in order to achieve effective numbers to be able to replace white supremacy with justice as soon as possible.

One thing I have observed is that black people, particularly while in the process of becoming less confused, often behave in a manner that can increase the "distance" between themselves and other black people they may perceive as more confused. That "distance" will make it more difficult to deconfuse those people later. I think the elimination of the behavior that produces that "distance" will expedite the production of a system of justice.

Have questions or feedback? Feel free to share.

Efficient Counter Racism

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